Urban Warfare

Side Scrolling Action


High Energy Action

Urban Warfare pits the players against humanity as they move through the cities and army bases of earth. As the screen scrolls to the right at a constant the rate the player must evade and counter the various dangers filling the scene. Mitigating damage through constant movement and maximizing damage output are the primary goals of the player throughout the levels. Difficulty is tweaked by adding new enemy types and increasing the density of the battles.

7 Unique Weapons

The player has access to 7 weapons to be used in their 3 weapon load-out in each stage. As each weapon overheats during heavy usage in combat the player must cycle weapons to maintain damage output. Each weapon will have different output potential and combine to create a more lethal composition. Choosing which weapons to use in a scenario will determine the screen clearing potential of a player.



Blimps flying overhead will provide shields to the player when destroyed. Prioritize shooting down Blimps when they appear!

Science Buildings

Science Buildings will provide weapons and Gears when destroyed. Although rare, these buildings have the chance to spawn powerful weapons for use in the next stage.

Level End

The end of the level are signified by a floating number generator. When destroyed it will provide the player with an abundance of Gears for upgrading their weapons before the next stage.

Technology Stack

When the game is first launched users can login with an email. The email is hashed and entered into the database on the server. This will keep track of thier progress and enter them into the leader boards of the game. The game client will take screenshots of the users gameplay and upload them to the server via Base64 encoding. These images are written to the server as JPEG files and displayed in the leader boards. All of the API’s used by the client and server are encrypted to maintain security of the API’s and integrity of the leader boards.


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