Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

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Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is a mobile title in the Idle genre. Idle gaming on the mobile platforms involves setting up certain conditions in the game that will in turn accumulate outside of game while the player is away. In the game of Trailer Park Boys, the player builds business that make money over time. The longer the player is gone for, the more money is made by the business.

General gameplay involves efficiently purchasing and upgrading character that improve business collection rates. Given the time limited nature of Events, players must choose very careful how they spend their money in the game. High level gameplay in the community tends to revolve around organizing spreadsheets and taking advantage of all opportunities for potentials gains. In the case of developing community spreadsheets, the community essentially reverse engineers the work of a game designer on the team.

My role as a Unity Engineer

My role on the team was a front-end Software Engineer working with Unity. The Unity technology stack involved working with many different SDK plugins to manage complex functionality such as Facebook, IronSource, OneSignal and Voxel Busters native plugins, and attribution via Kochava. A great deal of effort was put towards upgrading our Unity versions, which resulted in the team upgrading to Gradle as a build system.

Working with backend engineers and artists during feature work rounded out the tasts that I had on the team.

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