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Architectural Design


As part of a six person team we developed architectural designs and visualizations as part of a mock design pitch to our client Design Library. I contributed heavily to the design of the building and produced the digital renders used in the final deliverables.


Taking inspiration from the brick material surrounding our location in Gastown and the shipping containers in the distance we generated a concept of breaking these modern conventions and standards. The form of the building is driven by this concept through the shipping containers used for dividing space and more subtle forms such as the directionality of the walls and floor.


In order to facilitate iteration and collaboration among the team the rendering was done in distinct steps such as lighting, texture, cameras, and scale reference renders. Each step allowed the team to make decisions early on in the project and resulted in stronger final renders. Direct collaboration with another 3D modeler was made smoother by my focusing on overall geometry and rendering while he focused on geometry detailing.

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