Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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Loud Crow Interactive focused on developing a reading experience that children and parents could experience together. Children swipe through the pages and listen to the audio and story of Charlie Brown. To aid in learning, children can tap on words to hear it narrated by the original voice actors of Charlie Brown.

My role involved helping develop the interactive elements of the products. Collaborating with visual designers I would design and engineer interactions developed in proprietary technologies that combined Flash, CSS, and JavaScript. Improving production processes of the team also meant spending time developing tools in Python, JSFL, and XML.

Charlie Brown gets a call!

In this spread Charlie Brown gets told he is going to host Thanksgiving for all his friends! As the child swipes through the spreads conversation, Peppermint Patty’s panel crashes into the screen interrupting his speech. The camera slowly inches closer to Charlies Browns face highlighting the horrifying predicament he has found himself in!

Clear Interaction Methods

Through the use of user testing and research of how children use our products we chose to develop very clear interaction methods. These interactions result in a payoff in the form of sound effects and comical animations that add to the story in the spread.

Below demonstrates how pulling a clearly marked tab results in an animation of Charlie Brown being tormented by his friend Lucy in typical Peanuts fashion!


Adding value with Collectables

Business goals helped us develop features that would add value to the experience of our products. Hidden collectibles in the spreads could be found in the form of falling leaves that pop out onto the pages. The interface used to navigate spreads was used to help players find out which secrets that have not uncovered.


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